Zircon Copper Evil Eye Necklace

Made with zircon and copper, this necklace provides a stunning and opulent look. Wear it as a stylish accessory while also embracing its symbolic significance for an extra touch of positivity and allure.


Evil Eye Pendant Necklace – Zircon Copper Necklace
The Evil Eye Pendant Necklace is a captivating piece of jewelry that combines spirituality and style. The pendant features an intricate design of the evil eye, believed to protect against negative energy and bring good luck. Crafted with zircon and copper, this necklace offers a dazzling and luxurious appearance. Wear this necklace as a fashionable accessory while also embracing its symbolic meaning for added positivity and charm.

Important Information:
Product Name: Evil Eye Pendant Necklace/Zircon Copper Necklace
Material: Metal
Package Size: 100 x 100 x 30 mm
Material: Copper
Style: Unisex
Modeling: Geometry
Chain style: water wave chain
Color: dark blue, red brown, dark green, sky blue, light purple
Chain length: 45+5cm
Package: Necklace x1″


0.01 kg


100 × 100 × 30 cm


Dark Blue , Dark green , Light Purple , Red brown , Sky Blue

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